through linda's eyes

Artwork created to be loved

About the work

Art is in everything, and everything on this website has been created with that knowledge. Take a look at this portfolio to see the latest work and find out what’s in progress.

I have always pursued painting as a lifelong dream, now turned into a lifetime reality. Returning to my home state of Minnesota after years of travel and recently retired, the time now spent in my studio brings back memories and inspires the past to come to life in the many works that I have created. Works that you see on this site have been captured as the results of experience and photographs taken of landscapes and wildlife while out hiking or of the many countries and states traveled over the past 35 years. This has become the foundation for my landscape paintings, my own gardens for the beauty of the flowers and creations made from agates and many other types of rocks. My work is about creating that beauty and transpiring it for all to enjoy. I hope you enjoy what you see "THROUGH MY EYES"